Wondering About how to Decorate a New House? Learn From these Tips.

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A new home is like a black canvas. It is the duty of every homeowner to deck up their house aesthetically. However, the process is very tedious and work intensive. It requires a lot of thought and considerations. Each room has its own function and purpose. They need to be styled distinctively. Choosing the right materials and accessories, arranging the room is time taking and therefore you must have the patience to do it.

When you decorate your home after buying from home decorative store Kolkata, it usually reflects their personal taste. It highlights their interest and likings. This is why you should always know how to address their house in the best way.

In this article, you will be guided through a detailed procedure on how to begin with the home decoration procedure and what all to take into consideration.

1. Living Room/The Family Room

One of the main rooms of the house, they serve a very big purpose. This room fulfils many functions. Being used as a formal parlor to great all the guests visiting the house, the room has the capability to create a lasting impression on the onlookers if decorated beautifully. This room is also the place where the entire family gathers together to spend quality time, watch television for some entertainment and socialize. Nowadays in modern homes, the living room is often seen to share the boundary with an open kitchen and a huge dining space.

One of the first considerations for the homeowner is to select a single focal point in the room. This is the area where you need to create a conversation area. The arrangement and the selection of the furniture should be done only after keeping this element in mind. Afterwards, you can slowly proceed to the lightings and accessories. Placing a floor rug also adds depth and warmth to the room.

Living rooms are the best place to hang a beautiful chandelier. You can also put up trendy printed and articulately designed wallpapers to highlight the most significant features of the house.

Wallpapers have been in vogue for a long time, preferred mostly because they can immediately transform the decor of the house. So, if you are thinking about styling your home using the trendiest element of the season, you can try putting up wallpapers instead of going for normal wall paints. An abundance of designs is available that you can select from- patterned to plain, multicolours to muted, textured to metallic, photographic to holographic. To get the best possible impression, you should match them along with the style of the rest of the room.

2. The Bed-Room

A third of everyone’s life is spent in the bedroom. Being the most restful place, the room should be decorated strategically. You should start by choosing the bed and then proceed to other elements. Buying good quality mattress and pillows is a sound investment. You should also be critical about the choice of wall paint. You should go for lighter, pastel shades/hues which will emanate a soothing effect. The lighting inside the bedroom is very important to set the required mood and calm the mind. You can also go for brighter accessories like pillows and wall hangings that will make the room look brighter. Having a bedside lamp can add extra radiance to the room.

Curtains are also integral to the decor of every bedroom. They render a sense of intimacy while also contributing to their priceless look. While you choose which fabric to make the curtains from,

keep these other factors in mind while curtain shopping-

The colour and the fabric emanates how much warmth and depth you want to add to the room.

It is essential to go for the correct measurements like the length and the lining.

For every customized window treatment, one should be able to create a tailored look with a fitted suit.

Ensure whether the material is washer friendly

Remember sunlight will always play a key role depending on which kind of curtain fabric you hang.

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