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A DECORE Systems providing complete Furnishing & Home Decore

A Decore has a decade of experience in home furnishing services, and our
good services with unique creation are the main thing we focus on. We believe in customer satisfaction and we know that dedication of our team will help us grow. Along with Gaya and Patna now we are in Kolkata too. Let’s start together to make your sweet living space a bit more beautiful with the feather
touch of elegance and class.

our mission

Our Mission

The ‘mission’ is to provide all the fashionable & stylish ingredients that make your home more beautiful. Our latest design vibrant collection with unique fabrics matches the high-end expectation of the industry. Now we are in Gaya, Patna Kolkata; gradually we are growing and our motto is to provide uncompromised service and quality product at a competitive price.

our vision

Our Vision

They say “your house and it’s decoration portraits you”. In fact how you cherish your home decoration portraits many things about you. A Decore intends to make your living space beautiful. Let’s give an elegant touch to your home, let’s make it more classy just like ‘you’.


What to Expect from us

Get anything you need to beautify your home. All our superior quality products are at a competitive price and absolutely in your reach. The top-notch service that we provide to our customers is the real thing we deal with to maintain our reputation for a long time. Our designer Curtains, Upholstery, Wallpapers, Rugs, Bed Linens, Decoratives are the real creative products you shouldn’t miss.

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