Tips to Decorate a Bedroom in the Most Innovative Way

Decorating the bedroom is a big job since it is one of the most personal spaces inside the house. One can buy from home design product in Kolkata and furnish the room extravagantly.

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Bedrooms are one of the most personal getaway, a kind of sanctuary where you can rest peacefully after a long, tiring day of work. Therefore, this is the place where you can portray their real personality through their own best choice of home decor.

You can decorate your bedrooms by using your favourtire colours, home decoratives, and accessories. Simple tricks and innovative ideas can produce more space, elevate the look of the room and impress to the fullest. Buying from the showpiece shop in Kolkata can be useful. 

# Here are some tips for you to follow while decorating their bedroom space :-

1. Be subtle with colours

You can select a restful palette consisting of tones which are monochromatic. Since, a bedroom is the place to rest, using bold, primary shades will not be very pleasing to the eyes. Gentle hues of green, blue or lavender provide calmness and serenity. Jewel-toned rich shades of colours set the appropriate mood and render absolute comfort and coziness. You can also apply a toasty brown colour, topaz or a deep pomegranate colour on the walls. Toning down the colour is, therefore, most significant.

2. Do not overlook the ceiling

If you think that your room only has four walls, you are probably wrong. The ceiling forms the fifth wall of the house. In the bedroom, this is visible when you lay down to sleep. Painting the ceiling in a slightly softer shade will lower the ceiling visually and create a more intimate and comfortable room.

You can also put wallpapers on the ceilings or add other architectural elements like beams or moldings. If one wants a touch of luxury, a silver-leafed bedroom ceiling or a tented bed along with a dressing that hangs from the ceiling gives a sensuous and warm feeling. It also adds more texture.

3. Try to minimize accessories

The bedroom should always look simple but cozy regardless of the kind of dressing that one wants. One should try to leave a minimum of three feet space between the bed and other pieces of furniture like the tables or a drawer. The bed should have a bedside table, the room must have a drawer and dresser along with one chair and a mirror. One can also add a chest of drawers or a closet area if the space permits.

Limit the accessories to beautiful artwork, a family photo, candles or a flower vase. One can buy from home design product Kolkata.

4. Add storage space

Bedrooms are the place where you can store away things from your sight. These are the following things you can use-

A dresser with many drawers

A trunk under the bed to store sheets, extra pillows, bedcovers, etc

Maximize closet space by designing a customized organizational system

Shallow boxes can be placed underneath the bed hiding and covered with a bed skirt

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