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Methods to Keep your Curtains Clean – Buy from Best Curtain Shops in Kolkata

best curtain shops in kolkata

Curtains are not decorative, they are a compulsory part of home décor. Curtains not only add beauty to every household but also are an essential part of privacy as well. You can have a collection galore at some of the Best Curtain Shops in Kolkata from where you can choose the best ones suited for your choice. However having curtains merely is not enough. It is also important to ensure that the curtains are keep neat and tidy. No one would like to enter a home with dirty curtains. Continue reading “Methods to Keep your Curtains Clean – Buy from Best Curtain Shops in Kolkata”

Revamp your Home with New Carpets Bought from the Carpet Store

carpet store in kolkata

Kolkata is preparing for the most significant festival that all Bengalees await throughout the year. You guessed it right, Durga Pujo is finally here, and we cannot keep calm. People are busy shopping for themselves, for their family, for the house, and so on. It is a crazy time out there in the market. Durga Puja is that one season when you cannot control your excitement. People go all out during this time. Many people also love decorating their home with new furnishing items. So, why not you give a completely new makeover to your house with carpets from the carpet store in kolkata? Continue reading “Revamp your Home with New Carpets Bought from the Carpet Store”

Buying the Right Kind of Curtains from the Best Curtain Shops in Kolkata for your Room

curtain store

We can never think of a home décor without thinking of curtains. In fact, it is curtains that make the base of every home décor. A well-coordinated set of curtains can actually uplift and enhance the look of the room. There are different varieties of curtains available and all we have to do is to look for some of the best curtain shops in kolkata to make a pick and choose. Continue reading “Buying the Right Kind of Curtains from the Best Curtain Shops in Kolkata for your Room”

How to Choose the Best Home Decoration Stores for Furnishing

home decoration

Our home is our most loved place on earth. We want our homes to be the most beautiful place in this universe. When a person gets a new home, he or she puts the heart out in setting up the place of his or her dreams. A lot of money, sweat and time goes in decorating our houses. Every small detail is taken care of while setting up a home. We want our homes to be peaceful and relaxing. At the end of a hectic day when we come back to our house, we want to forget everything and go into a zone where everything is extremely peaceful. This is the vibe we want in our homes.

The decoration plays a great role in making a house into home. They are really expensive and hence we need to be careful while picking up furnishing goodies. We need to check the stores are geuine and sells authentic products. Some stores may sell cheap quality products at a really high price. There are many factors to consider before visiting a furnishing store.

Here are some tips which can help you to choose the best home decoration stores where you can find furnishes of the best quality:-

  • Shortlist the stores:

    This is the first step. Search “furnishing store near me on the internet and make a list of some stores which you think suits your requirement. This is called shortlisting. You can then compare these stores with each other now.

  • Check out the reviews:

    After shortlisting the stores, check out the reviews of each store on the internet. Ask about them from people you know. Do a lot of research and then carefully pick the one you need.

  • Consider your requirements:

    Some furnishing stores specialises in a particular product. For example store A may specialise in curtains where store B could specialise in bed sheets and so on. First make a list of the products you need and then pick a store which suits your taste and pocket both.

  • Choose your style:

    Each store has its own style. The store you picked in a hurry may not contain products of your style and choice. If you want a contemporary style, going to an antique furnishing store would be of no use and vice versa. Hence, it is important to know your style.

  • Budget:

    Last but definitely not the least is the budget. Each store has their respective price ranges and in order to invest in furnishing goods you need to figure out your budget as well.

These are some points to consider before selecting a furnishing store in Kolkata. You can find the best products at A Decore. Whether you need upholsteries or curtains, you can find them all here. Go to their website and request a quote on the product you like. They will get back to you at jet speed.

Points to Ponder Before Going to the Rug Store for Purchase

rugs store in Gaya

The beauty of a household lies in the comprehensive furnishing of the house. The home décor of the household is much dependant on the choice of the people who are living there. It also is dependent on the theme of decoration. Apart from the general furnishings like curtains, decorative, etc, another thing which can enhance the glory of any household is the usage of rugs and carpets. However it is always good to go in for a furnishing store which offers the best quality of the material in the local area. For instance, if one is staying in Gaya, it is good to go in for the finest rugs store in Gaya to get the best deals and quality material.

Rugs and carpets are almost the same except that the carpets are mostly used in connection with larger version of rugs which cover wall to wall. Rugs, comparatively, are much smaller and are used to cover smaller spaces.

In certain places like Kashmir, carpets are an important part of their weave and culture. Beautifully crafted carpets can completely change the look of a room.

Here are things to consider while purchasing a rug or carpet for your home:

    • Objective of the Purchase:
      From comfort to aesthetics, rugs and carpets may have different uses. And it all depends on the objective of purchase. The type to choose, the style to select would all depend on the purpose of purchase. If the objective is to enhance the beauty of the room and add on to the décor of the room then handcrafted carpets, carpets with designs and traditional motifs are preferable. It would help enhance the beauty of the room. A carpet for comfort purposes would focus on the make of the carpet whereby the carpet gives comfort to the feet. This type of carpet is especially suitable for bedrooms. A carpet for the dining hall or children’s rooms should ideally be of the easily washable variety because at both these places there is a tendency for the carpet to get dirty. For children’s rooms it is best to go in for foldable small rugs so that the carpet and the space may be cleaned often in a hassle free manner. On the other hand if the carpet is to be used for office premises then wall-to-wall customised carpets are the most chosen and most popular one.
    • Décor of the Room:
      Once the type of carpet or rug is fixed then it becomes important to choose the style and colour of the carpet. Most of it depends on the type of décor for the rest of the room. If the décor of the room is mostly in monochrome then a carpet of a solid colour in monotone or dual tone needs to be chosen. Or else carpets with simple geometric patterns too would look nice. If the theme of the room is more or less traditional then carpets with oriental motifs or those with Indian weaves may be chosen. There are also carpets with different handcrafted patterns, these can also be chosen. For children’s rooms, rugs in fun colours – mostly dark colours or with designs that would be loved by the children must be chosen.
    • Budget Allotted:
      Budgets for carpets and rugs may come is a vast price range depending on the type chosen. Every family has a fixed provision for home décor so the carpet to be chosen must be as per the budget allotted. The best way to go about it is to browse through 
      Carpet Online shop and look into the cost range and decide the budget accordingly.Then the carpets and rugs may be purchased as per the allotted amount.

These are the three major points one must keep in mind while making a purchase for rugs and carpets. The purpose of the purchase, the décor of the room and the allotted budget would help one zero in on the right type of carpets for home.


Let your home decor items reflect your style.

Four walls can only make a house but only the four self-decorated walls can make a home. So, deck up
your home with the perfect home decor and home furnishing items from the best home decor store in
. In order to get started, the first and the foremost thing is that you need to believe in your own
instincts. For giving your home the perfect interior decor, you do not have to. Beban expert. Just pick up
the items, which connects with you immediately. This can be possible with the best place to buy that
has innumerable options for decorating your abode.

Take as much time as you need for contemplating your style. For a minimalistic ambiance to a colossal
effect, you can choose any of the enchanting options available in the store. Choose the ones that can
make you and your family members happy aesthetically and economically. You can also buy any of
these gifts for your close ones as well. Elegant and sophisticated, these home decor items can always
be the reminder of your best wishes to the recipient.

  • Splurge for the creative items like colorful wallpapers to give a change to the monotomy of a full-colored wall of your home, sweet home.
  • Grab the interest of your guests with graceful and contrasting curtains for the doors and windows.
  • Draw the attention of all visiting your house as soon as they step with beautiful carpets on the floor of your living room.
  • Choose the most comfortable, and soft bed linens in soothing colors to give your bedroom a classy yet a decent appearance and to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Bright and bold colored rugs can play a great role in elevating the entrance of your home.
  • Don’t forget about the cushions. Cushions in huge number of unique and creative designs and in different colors are now available in the best home furnishing store. Choose the ones that will complement the other home decor items and will reflect your style and taste as well.

Create a beautiful and decorative personal space with the perfect home decor items. From the out-of-the-box home decor selection of items to the conventional choices, A Decore includes a comprehensive range of home accessories for your luxury and comfort. With this brand of home furnishing items, you can find here much more items and designs than what you have been looking for. Make your dwelling place a haven of comfort and then sink into your cozy cushions. These artisitc pieces of home decor items from this store in Patna should be explored once if you want your home to look like a dream world.

The Ideal Features of an Ideal Furnishing Store

furnishing store

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A home is not a home till it gets the look of a home. And that should mean a collective and coordinated presence of things ranging from upholstery to furniture. There was a time when people would normally concentrate on building a house for themselves. The rest – from furniture to curtains would arrive one by one, as and when it was possible. But times have now changed and the concentration is as much on interiors as it is on purchase of a home. In this regard the role of a furnishing store is of immense importance. The availability of a proper furnishing store can make or break the look of a room. A good furnishing store can help uplift the looks of a home to a totally different level

Here are the things we should look for in a good furnishing store.

  • Reputation: One of the prime guarantors of quality products is the reputation of the store in itself. No good store which has a name in the market would want to compromise with the quality and hence it is always a good bargain to buy from stores which has nearly a decade of experience.
  • All under one roof: When a person wants to furnish his home, he would want to furnish it as a whole in a co-ordinated fashion. For this it is essential that the store should have all under one roof. This would make it a hassle free purchase experience for the buyer who do not have to go from store to store looking for different items.A perfect furnishing store would ideally have the following items:
    • Curtains
    • Upholstery
    • Wallpaper
    • Rugs
    • Cushions
    • Bed Linen
    • Decorative
    • Showpieces

    If all these items are more or less offered together, it is much easier for the customer to buy the products in a mix-n-match manner as per his choice. This would also help in better co-ordination in buying of the items and would also be time saving.

  • Different Varieties: When a person chooses a particular home furnishing store he chooses with the idea that he would get a wide variety to choose from. So, whether it is curtains, or linens or wall-paper – there must a decent range of items from which a person can choose. This would be in terms of quality of item, colour, design and price range.
  • Price of items: This is a very crucial deciding factor in case of furnishings because normally every family has a fixed budget and a store selling items at an affordable range are always welcome. Affordable wouldn’t always mean cheap, rather it should be value for money. People are ready to invest on furnishings but it should not be over expensive. Then it wouldn’t serve the purpose.

These are the qualities that can help us determine the right type of furnishing and home décor store. And stores which adhere to these are always the most popular ones.

Create a Decorative & Interesting Ambiance with Showpieces

showpiece shop in Kolkata

Timeless showpieces exude a long-lasting impression on the visitors and guests who come to your place. A modern showpiece radiates the personal choice and taste of the ones living in the home. Handpicked showpieces are all crafted with great precision, and with deep details. If you also want to add a dash of liveliness, colors, and want to make your place striking and fascinating then you must have a glance at the collection of A decore, the best showpiece shop in Kolkata. Continue reading “Create a Decorative & Interesting Ambiance with Showpieces”

Tips to Adorn your Home with Decorative Carpets.

carpet store in Kolkata

Just think of a typical and traditional style carpet – imbued, symmetrical, and royal-colored. Now, just think of exactly the opposite carpet design – quirky shape, free designs on it, and supremely versatile. Aren’t both the styles interesting? You can buy any of these styles from the best carpet store in Kolkata for styling up your home decor and for making the space look more interesting. Welcome to the underrated aspect of contemporary style carpets to revamp every home interior and to make every living space livelier.

You can experiment with the carpet styles available in the stores. Find the newest styles to make your dull space much more fascinating. The carpets available in the reputed stores like A decore, are banging the latest trends now. Mixing and matching your carpet with your home decor is the mantra now to add a dash of class to your dwelling space. You will get here carpets with colored layers, in a variety of prints and patterns, and softer textures. There are lots of options here to offer people with different tastes and sensibilities. Learn how can you give your home an exciting look with these beautifully designed carpets.

  • Bold colors are always the best: – Vibrant shades like green, orange, yellow, magenta, blue, purple, etc can stretch your imagination to decorate your home. Bold-colored carpets are in trend right now. Carpets in bright and exciting colors can be the best ways to infuse style and life into a mundane and dull space. If your home interior is a little sedate and has a barren floor, any of the bright carpets available at the best home fashion store in Kolkata can ensure to grab the eyeballs of all who will step into your living room.

  • The magic of black and white carpets: – Stripes and checks in black and white have become a part of the big news in the fashion world. Extremely classy, eye-catching, and fresh, the charm and magic are now carried from the fashion runways to the home interior decoration world. Bold patterns, stripes, and checks in these two colors make any colored walls come alive. Take these home to add class to your space without adding many colors.

  • Unusual motifs and patterns: – Motifs look cool on carpets. Animals, cars, ships, illuminating symbols, flowers, superheroes, and many more abstract patterns are found in the carpet stores now. If you are in search of carpets that look quite funky and unusual then go for these.

So, these were some of the coolest and the trendiest carpets for your home. Choose any of these to give your home a completely new look.

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