Keep these Points in Mind While Buying Curtains from Home Decor Stores

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One of the most important considerations that you should keep in mind while decking up your new home is buying humble curtains. The correct choice of curtains will narrate a different story about your house. Although an overwhelming process, it is also one of the greatest ways to upskill your personal space. Once you gain a comprehensive understanding of how to treat your windows by draping them with the right pattern and color of curtains, your house will look elegant and furnished.

Below mentioned are a few tips to examine before you buy a final set of curtains from home fashion products patna

1. Learn the various curtain parts

Getting accustomed to the purpose that the curtains play in your home is very important. They are also divided into different segments.

• Face fabric, also known as the ‘good side’ will face the interior of the room

• The top of the curtain is known as the heading which is used for stitching the curtain into different designs, like pencil pleats, french pleats etc.

• Stackback is the portion required by the pleating when they are put on the window sides. This comes in handy when measuring the track of the curtain

• The heading tape is used to introduce interesting head designs like gathered pleats. The plates are sewed and pulled to create the needed pattern

• Linings are found behind the fabric of the curtain that assists in insulation, protects it from excess moisture, dirt, and lends fullness to the item.

2. Look outside in

This is a good reminder when it comes to selecting appropriate curtains for the house. Choosing the sheers, colours in voiles or nets is done to match the curtain with the interior of your house. You should also try to gain multiple perspectives like looking from a different room. This helps maintain harmony and flow.

Every window in every separate room serves a different purpose. Therefore draping them with a befitting curtain is significant. So, before you make a final decision about the curtains, think twice about all the furniture’s, lightings, walls, floor coverings and other interior elements that you have and match them all. You can also take help from interior designers in home decor stores Patna.

3. Colour fastness

Curtains made of colourfast fabrics do not last for a longer time. The texture begins to wither uniformly while the dyed colour pales gradually. Some might even darken or become patchy.

While you choose the colours of the curtains, try to avoid gaudy and shiny fabrics. Go for natural ones. Often the way that the fabrics are dyed contributes to its colour fastness. Vat dyeing for natural fabrics and solution dyeing for synthetic fabrics results in better colourfastness. However, the ultimate fade resistant procedure is print and surface dyeing.

Since curtains undergo heavy washing, almost once every two months, sturdy and robust fabrics can withstand all the force without causing them damage. But many still complain about the problem of lightfastness where the curtains get affected by sunrays and UV lights.

4. Choosing colours

When it comes to selecting the right shade, you should keep in mind the surrounding influences. Does it come well with your vision?

Your curtains selection should also go according to the light that penetrates inside your room. If your room is illuminated with sunrays all through the day, going for lighter shades make the room more subtle and prominent. Having bright colour curtains render more warmth to a room that is comparatively darker. The interior lightings then help reflect off more light from the curtains.

The curtain shade should be complementary to your wall paint. Also, darker colour curtains attract more sunlight, which in turn fades the texture of the fabric in no time.

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