Methods to Keep your Curtains Clean – Buy from Best Curtain Shops in Kolkata

best curtain shops in kolkata

Curtains are not decorative, they are a compulsory part of home décor. Curtains not only add beauty to every household but also are an essential part of privacy as well. You can have a collection galore at some of the Best Curtain Shops in Kolkata from where you can choose the best ones suited for your choice. However having curtains merely is not enough. It is also important to ensure that the curtains are keep neat and tidy. No one would like to enter a home with dirty curtains.

Here are some tips to maintain the curtains, ensuring the best use of those:

  • Unless you buy embellished or hand embroidered ones, always opt for a wash at home – preferably with a mild detergent. The mild detergent would ensure the sheen and longevity of the curtains. You can even use a mild shampoo or liquid detergents meant for woollens. Those would leave the curtains smelling beautiful. If the curtains are very dirty, you can keep them soaked in a bucket for about three hours or so.
  • Do not wring the curtains. Just hang them out to dry at a place where water can flow out and let it dry on its own. Wringing the curtains spoil them.
  • The best way to keep the curtains clean is to dust them regularly. If you dust them regularly then dust doesn’t get accumulated over the curtains. This would save you from frequently cleaning the curtains which would result in damage of the fabric.
  • It is always wise to have two to three sets of curtains for each room. You can visit any good curtain store and choose some good collections. Make it a practice to change curtains every month. This would save the fabric of the curtains and also improve the look of the rooms. Also, ensure that you have one special set which you may use during special functions.
  • If your curtains have external and detachable rings for hanging, always keep spare rings because many a times, during removal or curtains or changing of curtains, a ring or two gets lost. Having a spare set of curtain rings in a jar or a box would save you the hassle of being left in trouble in case a ring or two gets lost.
  • Once in a while, instead of washing regularly you can also vacuum clean the curtains. This would help remove dust or cobwebs immediately without having need to wash it regularly.
  • Always buy your curtains from best brands. A good and branded curtain is worth the money. You can get an idea about the best in home furnishing through different home décor and curtain website which would give you the clue.

Keeping the points in mind, opt for the best curtain shop like A Decore where you would get a vast variety, good quality and the assurance of a good brand. Go for the best in curtain world and choose wisely for a good home décor investment.