Curtains are More than just Arbitrary Fabric Pieces- Know Why.

best curtain shops in Kolkata.No responsible home stylist has ever said, “Curtains? Not important. Choose whatever you like”. The use of curtains has never been limited to just window covering. They are much more than just some arbitrary fabric material, providing elegance and grace to the home decor. The role of curtains is integral as it often decides the aesthetics of the room. They serve practical purposes like regulating the amount of light that should enter the room as well as balancing the overall energy of the house. Oftentimes a poor choice of curtains can hamper the basic ambience of the house. This is why the right selection of curtains is important.

Shopping for curtains is equal parts exciting as well as confusing. You can easily be overwhelmed by the immense variety of modern drapery every home furnishing store has to offer. Only those who know the importance of curtains for the house will know the importance of picking the ideal ones.

Nowadays curtains are available in a diverse array of materials, shapes and sizes. Being essential to your sacred living space, here are a few ideas that you can take inspiration from so that you can enhance your own intimate domestic space.

1. The Romance With Sheers

While decorating the house, it is common for most homeowners to overlook the aspect of curtains. Curtains are often underrepresented. You give it a bad wrap, think it to be a perfunctory, one-dimensional addition to the rooms. However, there is so much more to how curtains meet our eyes. You do not have to prepare them into heavily draped accessories or believe them to provide privacy alone. Adding sheer and frilled laces to the existing fabric of the curtains can also add a unique charm to the rooms. Moreover, this way, the curtains cannot block the sunlight from entering the rooms.

2. Going For Slick Shapes

You can try heavier drapes only when they are embellished with interesting patterns. For example, if your sofa cover is peach, the colour grey will make for a delicate and subtle fushion of colour tones. While decorating a house, you should also make sure that a conversation is initiated between the different features of the room. This is how the interior designing will compliment each other.

3. Go Easy, Light and Breezy

If you want your house to breathe a different personality, try buying curtains from the best curtain shops in Kolkata. While introducing an idiosyncratic pop style culture into your house, you need to bring in divergent tastes to form a uniquely blended home decor. Going for light colour palettes ensures that you allow more light to peep inside the rooms. But doing this, you should also keep the kind of fabric material you wish to buy. Light colours fade quickly due to the effect of heavy sunlight.

Suppose the room has a wooden bench dining table, teak wood chairs, white mandala floor tilings- to cap it all up, you can install nude shade curtains for the rear window that will have a long flow and heavy fall. This way, your room shines out with a distinct sense of subtlety and lightness.

4. Going conventionally tidy

Of course, every house has space for traditional home decor. This way, the rooms get decked up with refined beauty. A well-decorated lounge area will always call for free-flowing, bright shade curtains to follow suit. You can try holding them back by matching seamlessly with the rest of the home decor.

Curtains can also be bought depending on the kind of windows you have at home. This way, the house will be a more comfortable place to nestle in.