A Guide to Help you Thoroughly Furnishing the House

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Everyone has a little bit of junk lying around in the house. Some have a lot. But the thought of living a simple, and uncluttered life seems very attractive. There are obvious benefits of living in a room with less number of possessions. While some may easily feel overwhelmed, defeated and anxious about the idea of decluttering the house, the process does not need to be so bad.

Studies say that living in a mess can create a lot of excess stress. When a quality life of consumption extends beyond ‘the stuff’, you may start suffering from depression or obesity. In such cases, one may spend an inordinate amount of time searching through things. This habit is not productive at all.

Removing clutter is not always stressful. So, if you have decided to enter into this process, there are a variety of creative and fun methods that you can apply to declutter the house.

1. Before you begin the process, you have to plan adequately. You can set a specific number of goals required to complete the task successfully. You can start at a slower pace, like give away things one by one every day or complete it all-together within a span of two to three days. Keep separate containers or bins so that you can keep your discarded items aside. You can buy big baskets from home furnishing store in Kolkata to ease the process.

Pur away paper, plastic items in a bin which can be recycled

Make a bin where you put the items which need to be cleaned or fixed

One basket can be simply designated for trash items that have to be simply thrown away

Donate the rest of the items to charities and organizations helping the poor and the needy.

2. Making a list helps a lot in this process. Begin your decluttering with the hardest task at hand- preparing a list of all the items that are no longer in use. Divide it into several sub-categories. When you are with the list for one room or area, put the sign of “Stop”. This makes the task desirable as well as less hectic. \You can also add to the schedule at a later time for the rest of the items.

3. Everyone needs to change the common perception that decluttering is not necessary. That is why most experts provide a number of strategies that will enable people in the future to go through a stress-free decluttering process. You have to imagine your house in a special manner, for example, imagine how you will feel like to stay in a clean house. One will expect that you will love the idea of it.

4. Cleaning the wardrobe is a challenging job. Anybody would ask you to take a deep breath before you begin to clean out the closet space. First de-clutter all the clothing types that you have. That means you should start with your shoes, then proceed to consider the denim, shirts, ethnic wear and finally your ornaments. Pull out the different type of clothes and decide what you have to toss away. We understand that clothes are difficult to give away. But think about how your clothes can bring a smile on someone’s face who has never worn more than one pair of clothes.

After you are done doing discarding your clothes, it is time to organize your closet once again.

Replace the clothes that were in the wrong spot and put them back properly. Put the socks in the drawer and your t-shirts hanged clean from a hanger

Put the dirty underwears, and clothes in the laundry basket

Anything that needs to be altered or stitched should be taken to the tailor

Put away the scarfs in a designated place where you can find them in one go

One can buy new, decorative products from the decor store called “A Decore” and use them to adorn the rooms beautifully after de-cluttering.