Accessorize your Home Using Vibrant Home Decoratives and Showpieces

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The use of home decoratives like showpieces can dramatically transform the aesthetics of the house. It helps in setting the right tone and mood of the room, without disrupting the balance of the rest of the home decor. Home is a place where you should feel at peace. It is not just a place to return back at the end of every tiring day, rather it must feel like a unique environment that will make you feel at comfort as well.

Here are some of the different types of home decoratives bought from the furnishing and decor store that you should use in your house for the desired effect-

1. Flirty cushions

Cushions are like small pillows which are available in the market in different shapes and sizes. Cushions are very integral to the home decor since they add depth and warmth to the room. Besides they also make the room appear appealing and cosy. Nowadays, one can discover cushions in the market in different styles and designs. The key to using them in the room is to match them with contrasting coloured furniture so that it creates an attractive appearance. For example, try matching the cushion colours with the sofa or the walls so that it creates a beautiful contrast. Buying cushions which are of bold and bright colours can instantly add a wow factor to the room. You can also try placing three cushions of different colours, one on side of the other to make for an attractive element.

2. Window Accessories

In this aspect, just hanging a curtain is not good enough. Window accessories are minor items which add a lot of value to the room. You can try adding colourful tassels to the curtains to add a decorative element to the room. Often tie backs are adorned on the curtains to render a neat and fresh look to the room. Arms rods can also be used as tie backs while some curtains have readymade tiebacks. Try applying a necklace on the curtains as a tie back, it will immediately change the look of the house. It will also add a separate bohemian feeling. Different styles of Rajasthani handicrafts are available in the market that can be hung on the windows and curtains for a brighter look.

3. Showpieces

The use of showpieces is very popular in every household. They are meant to add depth and layer to the rooms. You can buy different types of showpieces according to your suitability. There is a separate technique of decorating these showpieces in the room. Select a higher platform for keeping them. Place them in an order according to their height so that they beautify the interior decor. You can select any type of showpiece from the showpiece shop in Kolkata which is either made from glass, mud or crystal.

4. Lamp Shades

Using lamp shades as home decor can instantly add a charm to the room. They are a perfect mix of the traditional and the contemporary. The size of the lampshades usually vary. Some are larger in size which you can place in one corner of the room. The smaller sized lamp shades can be placed on a corner table top. You can buy the light shades depending on the rest of the home decor. You can also try implementing lamp shades in the room as a reading lamp.

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