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Let your home decor items reflect your style.

Four walls can only make a house but only the four self-decorated walls can make a home. So, deck up
your home with the perfect home decor and home furnishing items from the best home decor store in
. In order to get started, the first and the foremost thing is that you need to believe in your own
instincts. For giving your home the perfect interior decor, you do not have to. Beban expert. Just pick up
the items, which connects with you immediately. This can be possible with the best place to buy that
has innumerable options for decorating your abode.

Take as much time as you need for contemplating your style. For a minimalistic ambiance to a colossal
effect, you can choose any of the enchanting options available in the store. Choose the ones that can
make you and your family members happy aesthetically and economically. You can also buy any of
these gifts for your close ones as well. Elegant and sophisticated, these home decor items can always
be the reminder of your best wishes to the recipient.

  • Splurge for the creative items like colorful wallpapers to give a change to the monotomy of a full-colored wall of your home, sweet home.
  • Grab the interest of your guests with graceful and contrasting curtains for the doors and windows.
  • Draw the attention of all visiting your house as soon as they step with beautiful carpets on the floor of your living room.
  • Choose the most comfortable, and soft bed linens in soothing colors to give your bedroom a classy yet a decent appearance and to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Bright and bold colored rugs can play a great role in elevating the entrance of your home.
  • Don’t forget about the cushions. Cushions in huge number of unique and creative designs and in different colors are now available in the best home furnishing store. Choose the ones that will complement the other home decor items and will reflect your style and taste as well.

Create a beautiful and decorative personal space with the perfect home decor items. From the out-of-the-box home decor selection of items to the conventional choices, A Decore includes a comprehensive range of home accessories for your luxury and comfort. With this brand of home furnishing items, you can find here much more items and designs than what you have been looking for. Make your dwelling place a haven of comfort and then sink into your cozy cushions. These artisitc pieces of home decor items from this store in Patna should be explored once if you want your home to look like a dream world.

The Ideal Features of an Ideal Furnishing Store

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A home is not a home till it gets the look of a home. And that should mean a collective and coordinated presence of things ranging from upholstery to furniture. There was a time when people would normally concentrate on building a house for themselves. The rest – from furniture to curtains would arrive one by one, as and when it was possible. But times have now changed and the concentration is as much on interiors as it is on purchase of a home. In this regard the role of a furnishing store is of immense importance. The availability of a proper furnishing store can make or break the look of a room. A good furnishing store can help uplift the looks of a home to a totally different level

Here are the things we should look for in a good furnishing store.

  • Reputation: One of the prime guarantors of quality products is the reputation of the store in itself. No good store which has a name in the market would want to compromise with the quality and hence it is always a good bargain to buy from stores which has nearly a decade of experience.
  • All under one roof: When a person wants to furnish his home, he would want to furnish it as a whole in a co-ordinated fashion. For this it is essential that the store should have all under one roof. This would make it a hassle free purchase experience for the buyer who do not have to go from store to store looking for different items.A perfect furnishing store would ideally have the following items:
    • Curtains
    • Upholstery
    • Wallpaper
    • Rugs
    • Cushions
    • Bed Linen
    • Decorative
    • Showpieces

    If all these items are more or less offered together, it is much easier for the customer to buy the products in a mix-n-match manner as per his choice. This would also help in better co-ordination in buying of the items and would also be time saving.

  • Different Varieties: When a person chooses a particular home furnishing store he chooses with the idea that he would get a wide variety to choose from. So, whether it is curtains, or linens or wall-paper – there must a decent range of items from which a person can choose. This would be in terms of quality of item, colour, design and price range.
  • Price of items: This is a very crucial deciding factor in case of furnishings because normally every family has a fixed budget and a store selling items at an affordable range are always welcome. Affordable wouldn’t always mean cheap, rather it should be value for money. People are ready to invest on furnishings but it should not be over expensive. Then it wouldn’t serve the purpose.

These are the qualities that can help us determine the right type of furnishing and home décor store. And stores which adhere to these are always the most popular ones.

The History and Evolution of Curtains

Best Curtain Shops in patna

There are now some of the Best Curtain Shops in patna today.However, how much do we know about curtains and its evolution. Here’s a write-up on curtains.

We get some of the best curtain shops in Patna today where one can walk in and choose from the wide variety of curtains on offer. It is interesting in this context to know about the history and evolution of curtains before we check into a good furnishing store in patna, just to be mesmerised by the world of curtains.

History of Curtains: There is no written evidence of the discovery of curtains or any documents pertaining to the same. However, ruins of Olynthus civilization, Pompeii civilisation and Herculaneum civilisation does give an evidence of curtain panels. This is as old as 6th and 7th century BC. Though it is believed that the curtains were used as dividers in the rooms, rather than hanging from the windows. Also, it is believed by many that before fabrics were discovered man did know the art of having a curtain like structure meant for privacy in the form of animals hides, barks etc.

From room dividers to window hangings: Curtains were normally used as room dividers and not as window hangings. Handmade fabrics were also used as wall decoration.This is because the windows were either made of wood or made with small glass panels. This protected the privacy of those who stayed inside and thus did not really require curtains. However around 17th century when windows began to have large single, sheet glasses, there arose the need for curtains. So, from 1750 onwards families which were well-off began to use drapes and curtains.

Rise in popularity of curtains: During the 1840s when Industrial Revolution was in full swing, power-looms were being operated. This made manufacturing of fabrics a much easier process. Due to the mass production of fabrics, production of curtains too became cheaper. High quality fabrics could be woven and obtained at a much lesser cost. This made curtains accessible to all. So, families from high class to middle class all began to use fabrics. New innovations in design and printing also began to take place. Along with the fabrics in cotton and linen, laceworks in curtains were also much popular especially those among the higher class. Along with synthetic dyes, there also arose a trend of using natural dyes which became equally popular.

Use of curtains in India: Curtains in India existed for many years mainly as room dividers. This was especially true during the times when women were not allowed equal access everywhere. Curtains made of bamboo strips were often used as a separatoe for the women folk of the family to watch programmes or functions during social gatherings. Gradually this was replaced by fabric. India having master craftsmen and weavers, exquisite curtains in silk, linen. Cotton made way to Indian homes. With the advent of the British, curtains were popularised in India. Not just prints and weaves but embroidering on curtains became a favourite past time for women.

There are now beautiful showrooms of furnishings which produce excellent curtains and the choices are mindblowing too. One can now walk into any of these showrooms and get access to best type of curtains.

Here is a Simple Guideline to Ease Up your Carpeting Game

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Nothing can be compared to the soft, lustrous and luxurious feeling of a good carpet under your feet. Carpeting the house is equivalent to caring about the most ignored aspect of the house, the floor. A good quality carpet bought from the carpet store in Kolkata will enable you to transform the floor from workable to homely. You cannot just restrict it to a tool for your house treatment, rather it serves several different functions such as softening the look for the house and absorbing all the extra noise for you to create a cosy, personal environment.

Here is an easy guideline to help you get sorted about all the possibilities of carpet buying and ultimately take the most informed decision.

1. The Way of Living

The selection of a suitable lifestyle is the primary task before you move ahead and make a final decision about choosing a carpet for the room. Consider what you typically do throughout the day in the room you are willing to re-decorate. You also need to consider the location of the room, its style of construction and what are the steps taken for the upkeep of the room. For many years, the carpet manufacturers have willingly responded to the homeowner’s desire for greater looks, value and easier maintenance, providing them with ample of options and choices to select furnishing products for their house. This should always come in terms of the way you live your life day by day.

2. The carpet styles

Nowadays you will find different types of carpet styles reigning the market. This usually refers to its “pile”, which is the top surface of the carpet that everyone sees. It is created from tufts of yarn which are woven into loops, cut straight across or both. Each of these styles has a distinctive look of their own, but you need to consider which carpet style meshes perfectly with your lifestyle.

Woven or tufted?

Woven carpets are traditionally patterned styles which are very labour intensive. While you will get a premium finish from this type of carpet, they are high end and very pricey. Tufted carpets, on the other hand, are constructed by using a row of needles which punches the pile yarn into a base material. They are manufactured easily and are of two types- cut or looped.


Some carpets are handweared by twisting the yarns tightly together, therefore creating a one-way pile direction. These carpet styles are highly in vogue which comes in simple, plain colours as well as in complementary shades and is the best for hiding animal hair and other kinds of dust. You can put this carpet in places where there is a huge footfall such as the hallway or the stair.

Looped pile

This carpet is made from continuous, uncut loops which makes the knots look separate. On the one hand, the carpets can be constructed into loops using a low profile of piling. On the other hand, the loops can form different heights so as to provide a textured appearance. If the room has a busy population, select a carpet which will have smaller and tighter loops, will bounce back easily and will lower the incidence of the crushing of the loops after a lot of wear and tear. However, be aware if you have pets, otherwise, they can pull the loops with their claws.

3. Do not Blow Your Budget

In the greed of buying a luxurious carpet for the house, do not end up buying something from the home decor store that becomes an odd match for the house. Always buy a carpet style that will fit your exact lifestyle and budget. Do not forget that the stores might ask you separate pricing for installation and the material. This can help you compare in between different suppliers.

Before buying a carpet, consider which one is worth investing all the money in. For example, buying a stain resistant carpet is always a wise home decor product to splurge all your money in. For a busy room, go for high-strength carpets while a low budget, low traffic carpet will do significantly well in a guest room.

4. Requirements for Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the carpet that you have bought is probably one of the best ways to be satisfied with how you have decorated your house. You should always purchase something that will consume less time and effort in cleaning and caring. Houses that have small children and pet animals should avoid buying high-end, hard to clean carpets. Often buying stain resistant carpets reduce the frustration of having to clean the carpets every day. The salesperson may also ask you to buy some essential cleaning requirements which will ensure the longevity of the carpet.

To shop from the wide collection of carpet materials, you can visit “A Decore”, one of the most renowned home furnishing and decor shops in Kolkata.

Solving the “Upholstery” Confusion- How to Purchase One for the New House

upholstery store in kolkata

Decisions, decisions, decisions- buying upholstery for the house is a big investment. Whether fabric or leather, solid or patterns, bold colours or natural shade- there are infinite possibilities. But all end up in taking the right choices. You should be able to select the correct category of fabric that will complement the other elements inside the room. If you select the wrong kind, you will find yourself battling with snags and stains. Continue reading “Solving the “Upholstery” Confusion- How to Purchase One for the New House”

Curtains are More than just Arbitrary Fabric Pieces- Know Why.

best curtain shops in Kolkata.No responsible home stylist has ever said, “Curtains? Not important. Choose whatever you like”. The use of curtains has never been limited to just window covering. They are much more than just some arbitrary fabric material, providing elegance and grace to the home decor. The role of curtains is integral as it often decides the aesthetics of the room. They serve practical purposes like regulating the amount of light that should enter the room as well as balancing the overall energy of the house. Oftentimes a poor choice of curtains can hamper the basic ambience of the house. This is why the right selection of curtains is important. Continue reading “Curtains are More than just Arbitrary Fabric Pieces- Know Why.”

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