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Revamp your Home with New Carpets Bought from the Carpet Store

carpet store in kolkata

Kolkata is preparing for the most significant festival that all Bengalees await throughout the year. You guessed it right, Durga Pujo is finally here, and we cannot keep calm. People are busy shopping for themselves, for their family, for the house, and so on. It is a crazy time out there in the market. Durga Puja is that one season when you cannot control your excitement. People go all out during this time. Many people also love decorating their home with new furnishing items. So, why not you give a completely new makeover to your house with carpets from the carpet store in kolkata? Continue reading “Revamp your Home with New Carpets Bought from the Carpet Store”

Here is a Simple Guideline to Ease Up your Carpeting Game

carpet store in kolkata

Nothing can be compared to the soft, lustrous and luxurious feeling of a good carpet under your feet. Carpeting the house is equivalent to caring about the most ignored aspect of the house, the floor. A good quality carpet bought from the carpet store in Kolkata will enable you to transform the floor from workable to homely. You cannot just restrict it to a tool for your house treatment, rather it serves several different functions such as softening the look for the house and absorbing all the extra noise for you to create a cosy, personal environment.

Here is an easy guideline to help you get sorted about all the possibilities of carpet buying and ultimately take the most informed decision.

1. The Way of Living

The selection of a suitable lifestyle is the primary task before you move ahead and make a final decision about choosing a carpet for the room. Consider what you typically do throughout the day in the room you are willing to re-decorate. You also need to consider the location of the room, its style of construction and what are the steps taken for the upkeep of the room. For many years, the carpet manufacturers have willingly responded to the homeowner’s desire for greater looks, value and easier maintenance, providing them with ample of options and choices to select furnishing products for their house. This should always come in terms of the way you live your life day by day.

2. The carpet styles

Nowadays you will find different types of carpet styles reigning the market. This usually refers to its “pile”, which is the top surface of the carpet that everyone sees. It is created from tufts of yarn which are woven into loops, cut straight across or both. Each of these styles has a distinctive look of their own, but you need to consider which carpet style meshes perfectly with your lifestyle.

Woven or tufted?

Woven carpets are traditionally patterned styles which are very labour intensive. While you will get a premium finish from this type of carpet, they are high end and very pricey. Tufted carpets, on the other hand, are constructed by using a row of needles which punches the pile yarn into a base material. They are manufactured easily and are of two types- cut or looped.


Some carpets are handweared by twisting the yarns tightly together, therefore creating a one-way pile direction. These carpet styles are highly in vogue which comes in simple, plain colours as well as in complementary shades and is the best for hiding animal hair and other kinds of dust. You can put this carpet in places where there is a huge footfall such as the hallway or the stair.

Looped pile

This carpet is made from continuous, uncut loops which makes the knots look separate. On the one hand, the carpets can be constructed into loops using a low profile of piling. On the other hand, the loops can form different heights so as to provide a textured appearance. If the room has a busy population, select a carpet which will have smaller and tighter loops, will bounce back easily and will lower the incidence of the crushing of the loops after a lot of wear and tear. However, be aware if you have pets, otherwise, they can pull the loops with their claws.

3. Do not Blow Your Budget

In the greed of buying a luxurious carpet for the house, do not end up buying something from the home decor store that becomes an odd match for the house. Always buy a carpet style that will fit your exact lifestyle and budget. Do not forget that the stores might ask you separate pricing for installation and the material. This can help you compare in between different suppliers.

Before buying a carpet, consider which one is worth investing all the money in. For example, buying a stain resistant carpet is always a wise home decor product to splurge all your money in. For a busy room, go for high-strength carpets while a low budget, low traffic carpet will do significantly well in a guest room.

4. Requirements for Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the carpet that you have bought is probably one of the best ways to be satisfied with how you have decorated your house. You should always purchase something that will consume less time and effort in cleaning and caring. Houses that have small children and pet animals should avoid buying high-end, hard to clean carpets. Often buying stain resistant carpets reduce the frustration of having to clean the carpets every day. The salesperson may also ask you to buy some essential cleaning requirements which will ensure the longevity of the carpet.

To shop from the wide collection of carpet materials, you can visit “A Decore”, one of the most renowned home furnishing and decor shops in Kolkata.

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