The Rugs Guide- Choosing from these Types for your House

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The usage of rugs in the house function as an essential connecting bridge between the rest of the elements inside the room. Once you have selected the right couch and a coffee table that fits the space perfectly, it is time to choose the rug. Bought from the rugs store in Kolkata, it will immediately make you feel united with your space. It completes the decor of the room, adding depth as well as warmth.

However, it is very important for you to recognise what kind of rug will fit your house the best. It also depends on several factors like the usage of the space, the kind of traffic it will receive and how much cosiness you ultimately desire. Here is an easy guideline that will familiarise you with the different varieties of rugs available in the market. It is time to outfit your house in the most decorative fashion.

1. Woollen Rugs

It is no surprise at all that wool is one of the most suitable natural fibres for making rugs. It is also a highly popular choice among the homemakers. Wool is a versatile fibre which provides for a wide range of colour options. The fibre can be dyed easily, at the same time holding onto its appearance for the longest time.

One of the most beneficial characteristics of the woollen rug is that it can withstand heavy traffic. It is a durable fibre and can be placed in areas which have high footfall like the living room or the children’s room. The fibre is thicker with denser properties which makes it prone shedding or piling. It is also naturally stain resistant, repelling all kinds of liquids. As a result, it is saved from permanent damage. However, experts always recommend the homeowner to clean it whenever necessary.

2. Cotton Rugs

Rugs made from cotton fibres are very budget friendly. It also allows for a diverse kind of colour options because the fibre can be dyed easily. Using cotton rugs always bring a breath of fresh air in the rooms. They are typically braided or have a flat weave, and is a softer alternative to to the sisal or the jute rugs. It is used in rooms which have a sleek yet beautiful decor. You can also place it by the entryway, near the sink of the kitchen, or on the bathroom floor, because of its useful properties. Cotton rugs can immediately brighten up the room through their play of colours and patterns. Also very seasonal, it is fairly durable and you can machine wash them from time to time.

3. Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are very tough as well as very durable. The construction of the rugs delivers a kind of weave and texture that cannot be easily achieved by the other rugs. If you have an allergy to the wool fibre, the jute rugs are a good, comfortable alternative.

Although this material is a bit coarse and rough under the feet when compared to woollen rugs. They readily absorb moisture which makes it difficult to remove the stains.

4. Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs present the value for money as well as comfort in a generation of man-made materials. These rugs are woven on power looms while some are machine made. This is why you can easily customize the rugs in your favourite colour and pattern. They mimic the appearance of natural fibres, naturally resisting stains, heavy wear and tear. Experts advise in favour of its use because they are extremely durable, strengthy and colourfast, making it ideal for rooms which have high traffic. They are accessible in the market, in the decor store, at a lower cost, enabling you to update the rugs from time to time. Ones which are loomed in the machines have a tighter weave which allows for a sophisticated and textured look to the interiors. You can use them smartly for the kitchen areas, the basement or even the laundry room.

You are suggested to vacuum the rugs almost every day. In case of accidental spills, you should immediately blot the area with an absorbent or clean white cloth. You can also try a mild shampoo or a detergent for thorough cleaning. As a result, your rug will as good as a new one. Try placing the rug over a rug mat to prevent faster wear and tear. These rugs are best for usage on the hallway or in the outdoors which have sunshine.