Solving the “Upholstery” Confusion- How to Purchase One for the New House

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Decisions, decisions, decisions- buying upholstery for the house is a big investment. Whether fabric or leather, solid or patterns, bold colours or natural shade- there are infinite possibilities. But all end up in taking the right choices. You should be able to select the correct category of fabric that will complement the other elements inside the room. If you select the wrong kind, you will find yourself battling with snags and stains.

What is Upholstery?

Upholstery is the material which is used for making the soft coverings for sofas, chairs and other furniture. Over the years, a wide array of fabric materials are available in the market. These come with far better quality and durability. While these type of fabrics are more prone to wear and tear, one should be very careful before buying them from the upholstery store in Kolkata.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Upholstery For the House-

1. Consider the durability

It is beneficial for every customer to choose that fabric which will work for the long run. The sofa is such furniture which is used every day, on a daily basis. Sofas are a favourite furniture piece where people sit, sleep, the kids wrestle and the dog bites on. This is the way it always requires a durable fabric type.

Here is how you can choose the right one-

Observing the total number of rubs completed on the abrasion test

Go for woven fabrics which will last longer than prints

Buy fabrics with tight weaves

2. Functionality is the key

Assessing the amount of abuse these upholstery fabrics go through over the long term, it is critical to determine which kind of fabric can best withstand all of it. Be it a commercial or residential space, most upholstery fabrics that are available in a home furnishing store in Kolkata have ratings which help the customers while shopping. You can buy stain resistant fabrics which will make maintenance easier. Once the functionality part is taken care of, proceed to the other requirements like texture, pattern, colour etc.

3. Colour

It is a wise choice to go for bolder colours, especially for fabrics which are used regularly. Trendy and bright coloured upholstery fabrics are largely on vogue. However, buying solid colours can never tire you out. Boldly printed ones accentuate the design of the room and as well as highlight the rest of the interior decor. Plus, you can always add some bright colour pillows to introduce a fun mix of checks and prints.

4. Neutral is the new statement

Some interior designers, however, believe in a different truth. Ask yourself whether you want to make a statement or need of something more subtle. While statement furniture cannot be used anywhere and everywhere, it is easier to work with softer colour fabrics. Moreover, one of the biggest perks of using neutral/pastel colours is that it can always be contrasted with brighter colour pillows and throws to change in every season.

You must also consider the “liveable factor”- which is to buy something that is fitting to space. A formal room like a bedroom can be decorated using lighter colour fabrics, however, rooms with heavy traffic like the living room need the play of bright-hued shades.

5. Creating harmony

You should always consider the style of the sofa before buying upholstery for it. For example, if the sofa set has a traditional design, only a traditional fabric choice can fit it well. One can buy textiles in a variety of styles. Consider only that one that fits the home decor accurately.

Never forget to pay attention to the scales. If the room is small, large scale patterns can be too overpowering. A wise homeowner will also keep in mind whether the material is fade resistant, mildew resistant and not any cause of allergies in the house.

Choosing the right upholstery is always a precise balance between form and function. While there are a lot of stores which will display an abundance of fabric materials, you can also buy from “A Decore” which sells a wide collection of upholstery material at reasonable prices.