Here are Some of the very Common Wallpaper Mistakes to Avoid

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Wallpapers are more than just simple pieces of paper. They are powerful enough to change the decor of the house. You make a bold statement while pasting wallpapers in your room since it reflects a lot about your personality, taste and choices. Once you discover the right kind of wallpaper to paste on the walls of your rooms, it can work like a magic charm. However, there are times when people unknowingly commit some serious mistakes while choosing wallpaper for the house. Let us take a glance at some of these mistakes one by one-

1. Buying an Un-Fitting Pattern

Today, there are an abundance collections of wallpaper varieties available in the markets. This can make you easily overwhelmed while shopping from the wallpaper store in Kolkata. But picking any random design can instantly destroy the overall aesthetics of the house. Suppose if the dining room is huge and you paste a wallpaper which has small, minute patterns made on them, it will be totally unmatching for the home decor. It will also be very difficult for someone to see the design clearly from a distance.

The simple rule of the thumb is to buy wallpapers according to the dimension of the space. Buy bigger patterns for a big room and smaller patterns for a small sized room. You should also keep in mind that the style bought should not overpower the rest of the elements of the room.

2. Picking up the Incorrect Material

Before deciding to pick up a final piece of wallpaper, one should do a lot of research about which kind of material will suit the house the best. Most commonly, people use vinyl carpets for the kitchens and the bathrooms while woven fabrics for the drawing and living space.

3. Picking Difficult Wallpapers

You should always try to avoid any unnecessary hassle for yourself while going to choose wallpapers for the house. Nowadays, one can find the non-woven kind fo wallpaper easily in the home decor store. These are usually a mix of the synthetic and natural fibres which have either been felted or pressed together to produce a strong and flexible category of wallpaper. This kind can be pasted directly onto the walls without involving your hands in the wet, flimsy stuff.

However, this is the aspect where most people make a mistake. Gone are those days when one had to struggle with tearing small shreds of paper from the walls. Always try to make your job easier by buying only the non-woven variety. These are woven with simple but decorative patterns which match almost every kind of home interior decor.

4. Underestimating Wallpaper Quantity

While going for wallpapering another common mistake people make is not buying enough quantity. You drastically underestimate the total requirement of wallpaper for the house and end having too much less material to cover the walls. Another bigger problem is going to buy that same pattern of wallpaper again. Oftentimes, the shop does keep extra rolls of the same wallpaper which is why you should always buy one added roll while purchasing for the final material.

It is only after avoiding these mistakes that you can wallpaper the house without any bigger, untimely issues. For the best variety of wallpaper collection, you can visit “A Decore” and purchase them within a modestly reasonable price range.