Wallpapers vs Paint : Which one to Choose and Why?

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The question of wallpaper vs paint has been a long, ongoing debate but the answer often remains unknown. Changing the decoration of the wall is one of the quickest ways to update the room. Whether you use the paint or the wallpaper, both can instantly modify your home in the best way possible. However, the benefits of one will always outweigh the rest.

While some people vehemently oppose any idea supporting the idea of traditional paint, others never stop talking about the merits of new age wallpapers. But once you are able to discover the objective of the room that you are transforming, you will automatically know which option to choose for yourself.

1. For preparation or installation

This tip is for all those who have decided to decorate a bare wall from scratch. Any wall of the house needs to be handled very tenderly. Therefore, taking the right decision is integral to every household.

Wallpapers These are favoured mostly because of their ability to hide surface imperfections, especially in those rooms which have old and damaged walls. They adhere to the walls easily and smoothly with much of a hassle. However, any large, uneven holes on the walls have to be sanded and filled up before covering it up with wallpaper. From ‘paste on the walls’ to ‘paste the paper’, ‘pre-pasted’ and even ‘stick and peel’ ones, nothing has been so simple and fast. You can buy them from the wallpaper store in Patna. In case you need to strip the wallpapers, you can take the help of chemicals and stripping tools.

Paints For applying paint, the walls need to be prepared properly. Any damages or imperfections have to be filled up. You need to fill, spackle and sand the holes before you can apply the paint. Yes, it is a bit time consuming when compared to pasting wallpapers, but if the right kind of tools is used, painting can take much lesser time. Some paints have a strong odour which can be a problem for many.

2. Selection

While both paints and wallpapers are available in an abundance variety, the lifestyle of your family can make a significant difference in the type of finish that you select.

Wallpapers There is a dazzling and wide array of wallpaper designs available in the market. You can select from some of the most beautiful and incredible effects like the glitter and the raised inks, suede gels, metallics, foils and beads, embossed silk textures, pearlescent finish, natural grasscloth etc. You can also choose designer prints to enhance the outlook of the room. However, wallpapers need to be changed which is often very time-consuming.

Paints The range of and variety of paints available is very less as compared to wallpapers. It also has a very limited number of finishes- like matte to glossy. To achieve a solid coloured wall, paints are a great option. For a feature wall, there are some great methods which can be recommended by the professionals. However, for intricate patterns and bold geometric designs, wallpapers are always the best choice.

3. Durability

Wall treatments often depend on the kind of material you use to cover it.

Wallpapers These are very durable and are able to withstand maximum wear and tear. They last up to 15 years and beyond. It is also very cost effective. Experts say that wallpapers when hung properly last 3 times longer than paint. Wallpapers are also the most suitable for rooms which have higher traffic. Many wallpapers are washable, which means you can rub it off with a damp cloth. You have to look for the washability factor while purchasing it. However, if you install them in damp areas, it can peel off.

Paints Painted rooms last for about 10 years to the maximum. If the room has huge traffic, you have to do frequent touch-ups as there might be spots on the wall. While painting, the homeowner has to ensure that the finish and the colour match is perfect or it can destroy the decor of the room. Washable paints are also available so that you can clean the walls whenever required.

4. Cost

The cost factor is very important since you have to maintain the walls from time to time.

Wallpapers The upfront cost of wallpapers and their installation os much expensive when compared to painting the walls. However, with the variety of designs available, it forms a very cost effective home decor item. One can easily buy it from the furnishing store in Patna.

Paints These have lesser upfront cost for both paints and supplies. The price usually depends on the finish and the type of paint that you buy. You can also select from plenty of low-cost options if budget is your concern.

The world of wall finishes allows for a lot of customized options. Whether you choose to install wallpaper or paint your wall, either one will define the character of your house. This is why home decoration is so exciting.